Code 3 Patient Compartment Light Powered by Vital Vio

Benefits Utilizes proven VioSafe™ technology to provide continuous disinfection of bacteria on high-touch surfaces in interior environments Requires no special downtime for cleaning as opposed to ultraviolet light methods, making it safe for workers to perform normal course operations while in use Dramatically reduces contamination and adds a layer of protection while providing white light illumination safe for humans and animals that is proven to kill germs Successfully reduces the presence of harmful bacteria and decreases costs associated with illnesses, contamination of goods, and regulatory fines Easily installs and integrates with existing overhead fixtures and is Triple-K compliant Design Features VioSafe™ technology Clear polycarbonate lens Fits in an industry standard 7.0” cutout 48 LEDs Bright and dim mode available
Code 3’s Patient Compartment Light powered by Vital Vio’s VioSafe™ White Light Disinfection™ Technology multitasks by providing continuous disinfection of bacteria on objects and surfaces, while providing safe illumination with its precisely engineered wavelengths of visible light. Vital Vio’s lighting technology is proven effective in killing bacteria and other harmful organisms including: MRSA, Salmonella, E. coli, and C. diff. Visit the microsite for more information.
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